so that Примеров

Tтак что
  • Примеры so that
    1. Peter removed the C# chime from its mounting so that he could get at the dust that had accumulated underneath.
    2. The professor had stuffed a wad of gum into the chime of his doorbell so that he wouldn't be bothered.
    3. It is possible to connect your tank to your toilet cistern and/or garden, so that even if the water is not drinkable it still can be used productively to make major water savings.
    4. Programming languages with lazy evaluation support corecursion so that the programmer can refer to infinite objects.
    5. In building a stable for horses only, where you can have light as you wish, I would say always have crosslight, so that the rays will cross as near where the horse stands as possible.
    6. The derail was placed deliberately so that the train would fall into the river.
    7. She distressed the new media cabinet so that it fit with the other furniture in the room.
    8. The woman cursed him so that trouble would dog his every step.
    9. They did a double switch after the eighth so that Jones could bat second in the ninth.
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