so that Примеров

Tтак что
  • Примеры so that
    1. While I dressed—for Stroeve wished me to go at once with him to the hospital—he told me that he had arranged for his wife to have a private room, so that she might at least be spared the sordid promiscuity of a ward.
    2. The swordsmith quenched the sword in an oil bath so that it wouldn't shatter.
    3. I'll be the reliever today so that you can each take a break.
    4. I have often said that it is the intent of the Rethuglicans to bankrupt the system so that there is no money for social programs!!!
    5. The kids in the courtyard played with a rhythm stick so that they could learn rhythm.
    6. She used running shoes so that she wouldn't slip.
    7. She did not run against chairs nor move a stool so that the legs emitted a "screak" of agony, and she could sit still for an hour at a time if she had a book.
    8. He shook the can of soda for thirty seconds before delivering it to me, so that, when I popped it open, soda went everywhere. ‎
    9. … I called for him to publish his expenses so that all Gloucester voters could see that he isn't a snollygoster…
    10. The screens are connected by chain belts and splocket wheels, so that the bottom screen drives the other two.
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