now that Примеров

Tтеперь, когда
  • Примеры now that
    1. It's a self-perpetuating error, now that we've made it, we can't fix it without breaking things that depend on it.
    2. Now that I'm set up, this will take moments!
    3. Now that we have done the impossible we can finish it, all that remain are rather easy and surmountable obstacles.
    4. 'How can I decide?' said I. 'You have not told me what you want of me. But I tell you now that if it is anything against the safety of the fort I will have no truck with it, so you can drive home your knife and welcome.'
    5. The solitary muezzin, who cried the mughreb at the close of the fast, and lighted the lamps on his minaret, went through with his work in most unclerical haste, now that there was no one to notice him.
    6. But now that the pushovers of permissiveness have sliced and diced the solitary meaning of unique with wimpy adverbs, a fresh expression of splendid singularity, as yet unnibbled by the minnows of murkiness, is welcome.
    7. I feel lots better about it now that we've talked.
    8. Now that I'm retired, I feel I can live life to the full.
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