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Tв этом
  • Примеры in that
    1. These are similar in composition to the leaner iron ores of Brazil, called itabirite, but differ in that the silica is in the form of chemically deposited chert, rather than fragmental quartz grains.
    2. No more than three people can be in that space at a given time.
    3. I wouldn't set foot in that bar; the floor looks grody.
    4. He was in that headstrong teenage phase when he felt like he knew everything.
    5. "He said that he was houseless but not homeless because he went to school in that community, was registered to vote there, and had been living in the teepee for seventeen years. He said that teepee was his home."
    6. It moved through the hypocentral region of the most recent magnitude 6 Parkfield earthquakes, triggering a succession of increasingly energetic episodes of slip-induced seismicity, and culminated with near complete relaxation in that region.
    7. The life-sized statue was the same size as the subject, and since he had never fit in that chair, neither did the statue.
    8. Her memory lives in that song. ‎
    9. She deserves an Oscar for her low-key performance in that movie.
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