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  • Примеры bright
    1. Bright patterned shirts, worn untucked, slip-on loafers in sherbety colors.
    2. Look on the bright side. ‎
    3. Just before boarding the vessel that he was attacking, Blackbeard would take slow-burning fuse matches and, with bright red ribbon, tie them in his hair and beard. When lit, these smoking matches gave him the appearance of the Devil.
    4. “DWTS” is many things: bright, in-your-face, spangly.
    5. --And lo! toward me, next, Another of those splendent forms approach'd, That, by its outward bright'ning, testified The will it had to pleasure me.
    6. The star-studded sky at that latitude was breathtakingly clear and bright.
    7. We were warmed by the bright sunshine. ‎
    8. True, “Counterswarm,” to Ligeti, is a clever but unabsorbing conception of humans viewed as insects, and the real charm of “Aureole,” to Handel, is reduced by the women’s autopilot bright smiles (also by Mr. See’s exaggerated facial reactions).
  • Примеры brights
    1. Brights constitute 60% of American scientists, and a stunning 93% of those scientists good enough to be elected to the elite National Academy of Sciences (equivalent to Fellows of the Royal Society) are brights.
    2. Your brights are on.
  • Примеры brighter
    1. Brighter than the sun, and indeficient as the light of heaven. — Jeremy Taylor.
    2. The Conrad in Miami has closed its Noir Bar, which had a South Beach, nightclublike atmosphere, and is replacing it with a brighter, lighter bar.
    3. Six successive defeats had left them rooted to the bottom of the Premier League table but, clearly under instructions to attack from the outset, Bolton started far the brighter.
    4. More conical backbores give a richer tone, while more cylindrical ones give a brighter, more projected tone.
    5. The white paint on the walls helps make the room look brighter. ‎
    6. When preparing to tell stories at a campfire, I like to set aside a pile of pine logs with lots of knots, since they burn brighter and make dramatic pops and cracks.
    7. We will ornament the windows with trim to make the room seem brighter.
    8. in this species, the midlegs are brighter than the forelegs and hindlegs
  • Примеры brightest
    1. A smile [ …] breaks out with the brightest distriction. — Collier.
    2. Many of the lumberjacking memories have faded to black and white, the brightest moments colored mostly by Jim McKay’s yellow blazer.
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