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  • Придавникы (Adjective)COMhappierCOMmore happySUPhappiestSUPmost happySUF-y
    1. Experiencing the effect of favourable fortune; having the feeling arising from the consciousness of well-being or of enjoyment; enjoying good of any kind, as peace, tranquillity, comfort; contented; joyous.
      1. Favored by luck or fortune; lucky.
        1. Dexterous; ready; apt; felicitous.
          1. Content, satisfied (with or to do something); having no objection (to something).
            1. Are you happy to pay me back by the end of the week?
            2. Are you happy with your internet service provider?
          2. (As a suffix to a noun) favouring or inclined to use, as in trigger-happy.
            1. “Baby, I was a loser / Several years on the dole / An Englishman with a very high voice / Doing rock ’n’ roll,” sings falsetto-happy frontman Justin Hawkins at the start of “Every Inch Of You,” Hot Cakes’ opener.
        2. Другие примеры
          1. Используется в середине предложения
            • Amy Reynaldo, the Crossword Fiend blogger, labels the richest alphabetical specimens as Scrabbly, an adjective I'm happy to spread.
            • I am happy to note that the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) is going to promote informal volunteerism through the Vertical Kampong initiative.
            • I'm not happy about the friends my son is running around with at the moment.
          2. Используется в завершении предложения
            • The Westies in the crowd went wild when Matthew took the stage and sang Happy.

        Meaning of happy for the defined word.

        Грамматически, это слово "happy" является Прилагательные. Это также Морфемы, более конкретно, Суффиксы.
        • Часть речи Иерархии (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
          1. Прилагательные
            • Морфемы
              • Суффиксы
                • Слова суффиксом
                  • Words suffixed with -y
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